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A Biopool is a much superior choice for your swimming pool than 100+-year-old Chlorine or 50+-year-old Salt generated Chlorine systems. In our local hot tropical climate it also has many advantages that make it the most logical choice for both private and commercial swimming pools:

  • A Biopool greatly reduces the amount of toxic chemical corrosion on your pool's surfaces, equipment and surrounding environments (from chlorine gas) that gradually destroy your valuable investment.
  • A Biopool is MUCH more tolerant of heat and the sun's harsh UV rays that quickly depreciate the effectiveness of chlorine which continually requires re-dosing.
  • A Biopool is more tolerant of the water's chemistry balance and so it has quite a wide range of efficacy whereas chlorine and saltwater chlorine systems need careful and constant monitoring to perform at their best.
  • A Biopool is VERY tolerant of organic pollutants such as sunscreens, makeup, hair tonics & gels etc., sweat and natural oils from people's skin and even leaves and plant matter that always get into the water and its efficiency is not weakened by these very normal and common issues
  • A Biopool is also HIGHLY tolerant of rain, even after the heaviest tropical downpours just a small top-up will ensure peace of mind that your water won’t become dirty.

  • People can swim in a Biopool within just a few minutes of dosing and scheduled maintenance because there are no highly toxic (to the cells of plants animals or people) ingredients used. This keeps your pool open and available longer.
  • There is no expensive equipment to purchase and no major alterations are needed to a normally functional pool.

  See what our clients think and say (click for the video):
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  So if you'd like to find out more information about upgrading to Bio, contact us here and ask to have one of our experts visit your property to show you how easy and inexpensive it is to upgrade to a Biopool.


Our local environment is typically tropical & HOT all year round with very strong UV rays from the sun and with a 3-4 month rainy season, the facts are that traditional chlorine and saltwater chlorine pools are simply not designed for such climates. Read More HERE